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Are you thinking of selling your property? Opt for a worry-free sale with Nancy & Max, and benefit from proven expertise imbued with human values, professionalism, diligence and, above all, our support from start to finish.

Team Nancy and Max

Why Sell with Nancy & Max?

Our mission: to make your transaction experience a success at every level by offering you our commitment to excellence in real estate brokerage. 

Peace of Mind

We place respect, honesty, integrity and loyalty at the heart of our commitment.  Convinced that people skills and know-how are the keys to our customers' well-being, our values guide our every action and inspire our decisions.

Recognized Expertise

In the world of real estate, every detail matters. Rely on our dedicated and professional team with years of experience to guide you step by step. We put our in-depth knowledge at your service, ensuring that every detail, no matter how small, is taken into account to maximize the benefits of your sale.

Customized Strategy

Every property is unique, just like every owner. We don't simply apply a generic method; we devise a sales plan specifically tailored to your property and your aspirations. This personalized approach maximizes your chances of success, ensuring that your property is showcased in its best light to potential buyers.

Your Commitment, Our Expertise

The successful sale of a property depends on close collaboration between the customer and the broker.  We're your team.

Your Commitment in the Transaction

  1. Supplying essential information
  2. Preparing the property based on recommendations
  3. Clear communication of needs
  4. Receptiveness to professional advice

Our Real Estate Expertise

  1. Implementation of proven sales strategies
  2. Customized approach for each client
  3. Use of targeted advertising
  4. Access to an extensive network of contacts

The Largest Network in Quebec

  1. Unmatched property visibility
  2. Broad network of potential buyers
  3. Proven sales experience
  4. Comprehensive marketing strategies

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What can you expect when selling your property with us?

When you choose Nancy & Max, you're opting for a unique experience, multi-generational added value, an assured presence throughout the process, and finally, you're choosing a dedicated team that will partner with you.

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